"calm corrections and quiet praise."

Josh’s methods are most similar to the Gibbons/West Method. Other trainers, including Maurice Lindley and Dave Walker, use similar methods. Josh has great respect for those trainers and their methods, and has followed in their footsteps in the development of his own training style and philosophy. 

Josh's core belief is that his job is to maximize each dog's natural abilities. Every dog that he trains has an individually prescribed program. He does not use a "cookie cutter" approach. This allows Josh to minimize the pressure put on each dog.

He never rushes or takes short cuts with your dog. Josh takes his time, allowing birds to do the majority of the training. He is calm and quiet in his approach so that your dog can be focused and relaxed while training. His motto is "calm corrections, quiet praise."

Josh's method has produced terrific results in field trials, and on wild birds. He will teach you what you need to know to ensure that your dog is a great hunting companion or a polished field trial competitor.

Located in North-Central Utah, Josh is able to train dogs year round. The vast, open country allows him to teach dogs to run and hunt off horseback. In addition, the availability of wild Chukar, Sharptail, Grouse, Pheasants, and Huns nearby permits Josh to use wild bird contact to give dogs the equivalent of an "Ivy League" education.

What t o Expect

Josh evaluates your dog over the first two weeks of training. At the end of the evaluation period, he provides a detailed report card on your dog. Now training begins!

In about two months, the typical dog understands the collar, and recalls on command. He also stops when commanded, at a shot from a blank pistol, and when he sees a pigeon in the air. He will point and hold under normal circumstances. When the dog "makes a mistake" such as breaking on the flush and is corrected for it, his solid foundation allows him to both understand why he was corrected and take it in stride. The dog is now "green broke" meaning he is broke under normal circumstances. At this point, some clients choose to stop and continue training on their own.

In about three to four months, the typical dog will work game birds, be steady to shot and fall, and honor another dog. If your dog is destined for field trialing, he will have been run off foot and horseback, and have had broke limb finds on courses. He also will have been exposed to more difficult bird situations such as running birds in order to prepare for field trial conditions. Note though that each dog's needs vary depending on their level of preparedness for training and personal history.


Problem Dogs

Unfortunately, Josh sees a lot of dogs with problems including dogs that are gun shy, man shy and blink birds. While he can fix most problems, not all dogs can be rehabilitated. If you send a dog to Josh to be rehabilitated and he cannot help your dog, then he will give you a credit towards your next dog.



Monthly Training Fee $550.00
Puppy Program (6 weeks) $700.00
Force Fetch $1500.00
Conditioning $100 per week

Please call Josh regarding "Problem Dog" fees.