FC Hillbillie's Shiloh Holy Man (Deacon)

  • 2x NVA National Quail runner up Champion
  • 1st runner up – NVA Western Vizsla Classic
  • 2nd runner up - NVA National All-Age Classic

Deacon is one of the most powerful dogs in the breed. He produces big running, hard hunting dogs with tons of style. His puppies exhibit exceptional natural point and superior athleticism. Deacon has a lot of personality and he passes his playfulness on to his puppies. Deacon is OFA excellent and has a permanent QOL and DNA on file.

Suemac's Carolina Banjo (Banjo)

Banjo is the most intelligent bird dog Josh has seen. He has terrific style and manners on his birds, and has earned over 40 broke dog placements. He has placed in AKC Gun Dog and All Age stakes as well as AF Shooting Dog stakes. Banjo was the Wasatch Front Brittany Club Dog of the Year three years in a row. He is a loving, quiet dog around the home.

Shiloh's Holy Roller (Bishop)

Bishop is a gifted young dog. He is incredibly intense on point with a high head and twelve o'clock tail. He received runner up honors at the prestigious Mortensen Derby Classic, putting down a broke dog performance. Bishop takes after his father Deacon, showing all age potential. In one word, he is magnificent.

Shiloh's Preacher Man (Preacher)

Preacher is a rock steady gun dog with beautiful style on point. This dependable and exceptionally honest and biddable dog always points with his head cranked up as high as it will go and a high tail. He has double-digit broke dog field trial placements. Preacher is an affectionate and playful dog around the house. Preacher is OFA Good and has a permanent QOL and DNA on file.


Look for upcoming litters from these amazing dogS

Hillbillie's Nada Looker (Motley)

Motley produces very classy bird dogs with a lot of drive, independence, nose and point. The majority of her pups have gone to hunting homes, but her daughter Hope has showed the talent that Motley throws, winning the first stake she entered as a broke dog and taking 2nd runner-up in the NVA Western Classic less than a month later. Her hips are OFA Good and she has DNA on file.

Shiloh's Southern Reckonin (Trouble)

  • NVA National All Age Classic Winner (2012)
  • NVA Western Classic Runner up (2012).

Trouble exhibits exceptional style with a high head and twelve o'clock tail, a beautiful far-reaching gait, and a terrific nose. This affectionate girl is an independent and intelligent hunter. Her hips are OFA Good and she has DNA on file.

Hillbillie's New Hope (Hope)

  • 2nd Runner-Up NVA Western Classic (2012)

Hope is a wonderful, talented young bitch. She shows fantastic style and snap. Hope is a naturally front-running dog that hits objectives hard, and exhibits tremendous athleticism. Few dogs have her spectacular style. She is an angel around the house. Hope's hips are OFA good and she has DNA on file