About josh

McPherson Bird Dogs & Hillbillie kennels are dedicated to training,
breeding and promoting high class bird dogs.

The McPherson clan is an old, southern bird dog family. Josh's Grandpa introduced him at an early age to bird dogs on the family quail preserve near Gaffney, South Carolina. Some of Josh's earliest memories are of watching his Grandpa Mac, his uncles, and father raising birds and training dogs. Legendary bird dog trainer, Paul Long, was a close friend of both Josh's Grandpa Mac and his Uncle Roger. The McPhersons are still inspired by Paul's training methods and philosophy. Prominent Brittany man, John Edwards helped ignite Josh's interest in breeding bird dogs. John's breeding program lives on through Josh's Uncle Roger's multiple time American Field Champion Brittany, SueMac's Carolina Belle and her progeny.

Josh McPherson has trained bird dogs for field trials, hunt tests, and as hunting companions for nearly 15 years. Following in the family tradition of success at the national level of competition, Josh has numerous American Field Championship and classic placements. His personal field trial dogs, and dogs he has trained for others have broke dog field trial placements numbering in the hundreds, and many more juvenile dog placements.

Josh's training philosophy is to maximize the bird dog's natural abilities and refine those abilities with the least amount of pressure possible so that the dog becomes the ultimate polished gun dog, shooting dog, all age dog or hunting companion. His training methods are based upon the West/Gibbons methods with the addition of his own training ideas and those of his mentor, Sonny Mortensen.

Josh believes it is as important to help train dog owners as it is to train dogs. To that end, he has conducted multiple seminars and training days for all types of pointing breeds as well as given demonstrations at county fairs in Utah. He was a featured guest at the World Sheep Dog Championships in 2007 and 2012, and demonstrated training techniques to scores of spectators. Josh also made several special guest appearances on ESPN's "The Trailmaster" radio show – fielding calls from listeners on topics as varied as teaching a dog to retrieve and how to get your dog to stop barking.

As a veteran officer of the Vizsla Club of Utah and a Director of the National Vizsla Association, Josh promotes the Vizsla as a high-class bird dog by supporting and running key national field events. For the past three years, Josh served as the Field Trial Chairman of the NVA Western Classic, Mortensen Derby Classic, and National All-Age Classic as well as a member of the NVA National Field Trial Committee. In addition, Josh and his Dad resurrected the Wasatch Front Brittany Club, and are charter members of the organization. Josh is also an active member of the German Shorthair Club of Utah.